The chair of faculty and hospital therapy has been organized in 1920 as a part of medical faculty of Turkestani university.
The first director of clinic (chair) with 1920 for 1926 professor Alexander Nikolaevich Krjukov (1878-1952) – the outstanding scientist who has created modern the then clinic of internal illnesses was managing. In 1926 there was a branch of faculty therapeutic clinic. The chair of hospital therapy was headed since 1932 for 1946 by professor M.I. Slonimom.
With 1946 for 1969 hospital therapeutic clinic managed professor Zulfija Ibragimovna Umidova (23 years).
The chair structure often changed and extended. However as the first deputy managing chair the manager always was considered. Educational process Senior lecturer A.A.Arifdzhanov was such. Senior lecturers P.I.Fedorova, A.B.Bahadyrov, A.H.Shamirzaev, L.I.Lazorenko, R.H.Kokanbaeva, R.A.Kantsenovich, L.M.Mirochnik, A.M.Kochergin, S.V.Abdullaev, T.G.Paljants, T.U.Maksudhanov, N.N.Mirzaev made skeleton of chair. Z.I. Umidova has created the school of cardiologists which was characterised functional, ecological and social by directions. In clinic the perfect order, discipline and cleanliness always reigned. The interior of clinic and chamber was equipped with the designer. Zulfija Ibragimovna watched an equipment condition. In clinic new methods of research were constantly entered. So have been entered ballistocardiography, vectorcardiography. Has been applied mingograph by “Elema” with veloergometry; methods of an electrocardiogram with the dosed out physical activity were widely applied (veloergometry, tests of the Master), widely used phonocardiogram (the Italian device “Galileo”). From radiological methods – a multi-purpose tomography of heart. For the first time the device for research of acid-alkaline balance has been established. Oxygen chambers with the centralised giving of oxygen functioned.
In 1965 the chair has been deployed in clinical hospital MzRuz and occupied III, IV and V floors, all – 240 cots of therapeutic branch. It was the modern well equipped hospital with all specialized branches and laboratories.
With 1970 for 1971 managing chair had been selected M.S.Tursunhodzhaeva (1921-1976). M.S.Tursunhodzhaeva well knew educational process – was the dean of pediatric faculty. The skilled therapist, was the adviser of main IV medical management HRUz. Was the dean of pediatric faculty in 1967-1969 with 1961 for 1968 – managing chair of propaedeutics of internal illnesses of stomatologic faculty. A member of the All-Union problem commission on gerontology, the coeditor of III edition BME on this section. A scientific direction – vitaminologyatinternalillnesses.
In 1971-1977 the chair of hospital therapy was headed by professor R.A. Katsenovich (1920 year of birth). In 1945 has ended TashMI, has protected the master’s thesis in 1947 in postgraduate study at the same chair, doctor’s in 1964 («Gidroaeroinoterapija sick of rheumatism»). The Honored worker of a science of UzSSR, the main adviser of IV central administrative board MHRUzb, long time was the deputy director on a science of scientific research institute of physiotherapy and balneology it Semashko. Corresponding member has published 5 monographies basically on balneology, physiotherapy and on cardiology «Stagnant insufficiency of blood circulation». R.A.Katsenovicha was distinguished by high culture, discipline, diligence. He gave to educational process, especially methodical work and work with students much. The student’s scientific circle actively operated, the Olympic Games on a speciality were regularly spent.
In 1976 on the basis of hospital therapeutic clinic the scientific group on cardiology has been created, and in 1977 the institute of cardiology MHUz has been created. The scientific direction of chair was at this time cardiological; researches were spent on a problem of pharmacotherapy ИБС basically beta-blockers.
In 1977 from TashMI medical institute where professor R.A. Katsenovich where it had been created original cardiological school has passed with all cardiologicalgroup has separated. R.A.Katsenovich has prepared 14 doctors and 50 candidates of medical sciences. «The honour Sign» and «Friendship of the People» is awarded the order. The chair of hospital therapy remained on the place as a part of ITashMI and the Chair of hospital therapy of II medical faculty with a course of field therapy »was called«. By managing chair has been selected professor H.I.Janbaeva, the manager.
Technical equipment of chair was satisfactory. As the second base of chair has been confirmed CHFUMA (Clinical hospital of fast urgent medical aid). An exclusive role in development of this clinical base belonged to the senior lecturer, and soon professor Alyavi A.L.technical equipment was satisfactory, on both bases there was an ultrasonic equipment (Japanese manufacture), radiological service, there was enough of portable electrocardiographs for students. On the basis of CH of №1 UzHCM it was made needle biopsy kidneys, radionuclide research methods. Functioned biochemical, clinical and immunologic laboratories. Possibility of hospitalisation of thematic patients was provided.
Since 1991 with the beginning of deep social transformations in Uzbekistan and finding of independence by it the new stage in the history of hospital therapeutic chair and clinic of ITashGovMI has taken place. All lines of activity of chair have essentially changed: scientific activity, there was a reorganisation of educational process, work with students and character of public work was improved.
On September of 2 in 1991 management of chair of hospital therapy was started by professor Alyavi Anis Lutfullaevich (1947 year of birth), the professor of the same chair.
In 2012-2013 educational year the manager. Chair of prof. Alyavi A.L. has passed to a post of the professor of chair, and chair its pupil – headed Mamatkulov H.A. who worked on chair on a post of the senior lecturer earlier.