Since the beginning of the 90s members of the department have been developing one of the most urgent problems – structural and functional condition of the heart, hemodynamics, blood rheology with arterial hypertension of various origins (AH), coronary heart disease (CHD), heart failure. The study was conducted within the framework of the approved 2: 1. Differential treatment of hypertension and coronary heart disease according to the type and hemodynamic features of biological rhythms. 2. Improving the diagnosis and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment immunocomplex pathology: chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN), diffuse connective tissue diseases (DBST) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In the research of this period involved: Associate Professor AG Gad Associate Professor GS Alimov, associate professor of ZF Umarov, Associate Professor LR Vahidova, associate professor GI Isakhanov Assistant GS Shamuhiddinova Assistant BK Isamuhamedov, Assistant RS Suwanee. The result was a doctoral thesis “Mechanisms of hypertension in CGN” AG Gadaev and two PhD theses AA Kaipova and graduate student Shundar Gaur Shah. These were some of the first research theses diastolic function of the heart and a differentiated approach to the treatment of hypertension based on circadian rhythms. In 1993, scientific – research (R & D) according to the occasion of these topics. However, studies to deepen and expand thanks to the inclusion of the latest research methods in the field of rheology of blood (platelet aggregation, red blood cells), studied the influence of the environmental aspects of biological circadian and seasonal rhythms. Widely used computing equipment, based on which widely developed modern statistics. Defended his doctoral dissertation YN Ziyaeva and graduate ZT Sabirdzhanovoy and Bisvanath subtree. Since 1994, the expanded staff of the department – Associate Professor NP Schafer, ZT Sabirdzhanova, RS Suwanee, BK Isamuhamedov assistants NA Nurmuhamedova, MU Karimov, RS Saidaliev; in scientific work includes 13 graduate students and applicants. In 1994 he successfully defended their dissertations NP Nikitin and NS Latypova. In 1996, in cardiology has been planned and recorded the theme “Study of hemodynamics and functional state of the myocardium, the system of blood aggregation and the development of effective treatments for patients with EH and CHD.” Successfully developed and a second direction, which develops questions diseases immunocomplex pathology (DBST, CGN) and diseases with metabolic disorders (diabetic nephropathy and uric acid). Deeply studied to date immune status, genetics. Studied the influence of modern immunosuppressive agents on the genetic apparatus, namely, chromosomal aberrations arising from their appointment. Observation periods were within 6 months – 1 year. As a result, 3 doctoral dissertation NP Nikitin (1999), NL Khalmatova (1999), BT Daminov (2000) and 17 master’s theses (RK Dzhamalidinova, A. Grachev, GS Dzhambekov, AG Ahundzhanov, GT Daminov, GM Mirsamatova, EA Gaifullina, AA Saidalimov, R.Sh. Khodjaeva, RS Saidaliev, ZF Dzhumaniyazova). During the period of his leadership of the Department of Professor AL Allawi was able to make a qualitative leap in the management and organization of R & D department. Its structure joined workable talented youth. At the department and clinic has established a creative atmosphere. The results are thoroughly discussed, hard wire testing cathedral. Passing such control colleagues and associates applicant successfully defended. In 1999, under the leadership of AL Allawi published 3 books: 1. “Treatment of chronic heart failure” AL Allawi, NP Nikitin Tashkent. 2. “Pregnancy and childbirth with acquired heart defects” DF Karimov, VE Avakov, AL Allawi Tashkent. 3. “Methods of mathematical prognostication complications of myocardial infarction” publishing “Shark”, 1999, preprint, 34 pages.In 2000 was opened and registered a new topic of research of the department “Clinical and pathogenetic and functional-metabolic mechanisms of the regulation of hemostasis and their pharmacological correction” the tenth anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan disciples AL Allawi reserved 2 doctoral thesis (BT Daminov, NS Latipov) and prepared 5 master’s theses (SB Mostovshikov, IA Ruzmetova, DA Ibadullaev, A. Hasanov, H. A. Mamatkulov, DA Bukharbayeva). The independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan gave a wide scope of science and output it to the general information of scientific achievements in the CIS countries and abroad. More than 10 articles have been published in leading European magazines: «European journal of cardiology», «European journal of heart failure», «Cardiovascular imaging», «Med info 98», Part I, page 588, «An interactive forecasting model of acute MI mortality », proceeding of international conference« Knowledge transfer », London, July 22-26, 1996 year. The main developments of the department are presented in the reports and theses at international congresses in Italy (1999), Canada (1998), Turkey (2001), Spain (1999), England (1999), repeatedly in the CIS countries: Russia, Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan, registered in the Internet. Extensive scientific observations incorporated into public health practice. Summing up the intense and planned R & D department and clinics, it is believed that significantly increased the possibility of publications. Materials are widely published in the press, at conferences, congresses, symposiums and abroad. This is explained by the independent status of Uzbekistan and relevant topics and findings. Staff were obtained data not only confirm the data of foreign scientists. Many details are little known both in local and foreign press, for example: 1. Created electro – echocardiographic portrait remodel the heart in acute myocardial infarction, hypertension and coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and diabetic cardiomyopathy. 2. Given the new principles of treatment of congestive heart failure: are the leading ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, cardiac glycosides small doses for refractory NC in conjunction with ACE inhibitors and diuretics, as well as atrial fibrillation. 3. Study of the heart in diabetes mellitus (DM) showed some specificity, including stiffness of the left ventricle and the further development of restrictive cardiomyopathy. 4. In identifying diabetic nephropathy microalbuminuria used method not previously used in Uzbekistan and is the most reliable in the early stages of nephropathy. 5. The state of AAT (platelet aggregation and red blood cells) in the blade of Internal Medicine. Tested methods of correction. It was found that for GB characterized by increased AAT, as well as the fact that AAT rises during the cold and significantly reduced in hot weather. Last viewed as a compensatory factor. 6. For the first time detected the antigen in CGN and lupus – nephritis Uzbeks, in addition, it depends on the morphological variant of biopsy. 7. In the study of hormonal levels in patients with lupus nephritis showed that they dominated estrogen and prolactin. Unconditional novelty can be considered the same hormonal changes and autoimmune proliferative variant of CGN. 8. The efficiency of Sandimmun in CGN and lupus nephritis; on the large amount of material (200) of patients in the period from 6 months to 1 year developed indications and doses in the treatment of these diseases. 9. For the first time in the world is determined by the sensitivity of patients to Sandimmun. During these 10 years in the department defended 8 doctoral dissertations and 33 master’s, has published more than 300 scientific papers, and more than 150 in the form of journal articles in the near and far abroad, and Uzbekistan. From 2000 to the scientific activity intermingled residents of Magistrates, open at the Department of the field of “Cardiology” and “Therapy”. Regularly on all databases held conference to discuss advances in the science that studies the periodical press.